Bonus: Getting Unstuck

Getting Un-stuck: A workshop for meeting facilitators who want to grow their skills in helping their groups make decisions

The ability to make decisions as a team is key to the success of any group hoping to reach its goals. Yet many groups run into roadblocks: we get bogged down with dominating participants, we get tangled in old personality conflicts, we talk in circles, revisiting the same topics over and over. If you’re a group leader or meeting facilitator who faces some of these challenges in leading group decision-making, this workshop is for you!

Workshop participants will:

  • Identify common challenges that arise in group decision-making
  • Explore key agenda and meeting design considerations that support effective meetings
  • Grow our facilitation tool boxes

This workshop is a separate pre-conference event available to New Story participants. The workshop cost is $50.


Photo courtesy of Katey Lauer.